2014 Programs:

  • TUESDAYS, September-December: 
    Teaching @ CCS…
  • 18 September (Thursday)
    Seabrook, NH ~ Seabrook Library
    6:30pm = Comics in World History & Culture (NHHC Program)


  • 26 September (Friday) (7-8pm)
    Keene, NH ~ Keene Public Library
    Banned Books Week: Banned Comics! EVENT INFO >>
    POSTER: CW-POSTER-140926-KPL-BannedComics full size >> / width=800 >>
    Also see: Banned Books Week 2014 at CBLDF >> & more… >>


  • 3 October (Friday) 10am-4pm
    Manchester, NH ~ Currier Museum
    Teaching the Worlds of M.C. Escher: Creative Teaching Program for Art and Math Instructors
    Join this COMICS WORKSHOP for a survey of the Currier’s Escher exhibition, with accessible cartoon-based activities and flexible assessment tools to help your students investigate Escher’s imaginary universes of pattern and logic, and explain what they find! We’ll use Escher’s artwork and techniques to explore tessellation, symmetry, pattern, geometrical properties of space and more, with a close look into how his eye-catching “mental images” challenge our intuition and imagination and stimulate discussion in the classroom. Workshop includes a survey of related comics- and art-based mathematical resources and approaches developed in Marek’s ongoing MathematiComics series.
  • 4-5 October
    Cambridge, MA ~ MICE 2014
    Boston’s mighty indy festival! (COMICS WORKSHOP will appear at the CCS-Applied Cartooning table & events…)

  • 11 October (Saturday) (12 noon – 11:59:59 PM)
    Keene, NH ~ Keene Public Library
    “12-Hour Comics” or, “Half-24 Hour Comics” ~ Come draw a half-marathon 12 hours at KPL! ~ EVENT INFO >>
    POSTER = CW-POSTER-141011-KPL-12HourComics full size / w=1200 / w=800


  • 25 October + 1 November (Saturdays)
    Manchester, NH ~ Currier Museum
    1-4pm = Escher Workshop for Kids
    Drawing our inspiration from works in the Escher exhibition and the actual architectural spaces of the Currier Museum itself, we’ll develop our abilities to render real space through proficiency in one, two and three point perspective, as well as creative points of view and surprising fantasy augmentations. Following Escher’s models, we’ll apply these powerful spatial skills to create imaginative spaces that puzzle your eye, challenge (and defy) your sense of logic, and engage your viewers in navigating surprising new worlds.
  • 15 +22 November (Saturdays)
    Manchester, NH ~ Currier Museum
    10am-1pm = Escher Workshop for Teens

    In his later work, Escher became increasingly occupied with imaginative mathematical concepts of abstraction and pattern, exploring concepts of infinity through repetition, tessellation, and logical puzzles. Building off Escher’s own essay “Approaches to Infinity”, we’ll take a look at some of the basic mathematical structures underlying Escher’s striking vision, and use them to create our own images of order, chaos, and infinity. Drawing from his own MathematiComics series, Marek will demonstrate the power of sequential images (a.k.a. “comics”) to explore and explain our ideas, and show students how to share their work in a self-published “zine” format.

  • 26 November (Wednesday)
    Henniker, NH ~ White Birch Community Center
    Comics Workshop
    Join Henniker cartoonist (and White Birch alum) Marek Bennett ( ) for a lively exploration of the infinite worlds of graphic storytelling and mini-comics publishing!  We’ll practice generating ideas, building characters and worlds, and telling stories in pictures, then learn how to publish our original comics as mini-comics, books, and more.  No experience necessary — everybody can draw comics!
  • 9 December (Tuesday) 5:30pm
    Manchester, NH ~ Shaskeen Pub

    Science on Tap: Escher, Math, & Art

    Supported by Currier Art Museum & SEE Science Center

  • 10 December (Wednesday) 1-3
    Nashua, NH ~ Amherst St. School
    Teacher training

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