Comics Ethnography Workshop

Comics Ethnography Workshop

Learn the basics of creating exciting visual narratives from stories found in the world all around you!  Drawing on his experience creating nonfiction graphic novels and webcomics from primary source materials, teaching cartoonist Marek Bennett demonstrates basic principles of comics creation based on various primary source texts.  Bring a favorite historical account, a family story, an old diary or letter, or just use one of the stories we provide — you’ll be surprised by what happens when you start to draw it out in panels.  No art experience required; EVERYONE can draw comics!

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 30 per classroom group (multiple classes available as residency format)


  • SINGLE CLASS FORMAT: 1-3 hours
  • MULTI-CLASS / RESIDENCY FORMAT: As needed to fit your schedule; usually 1-3 meetings of 45-90 minutes each.

AGE RANGES: Adaptable to program needs; suggested groupings: Elementary (7-10) / Pre-teen (10-13) / Teen+


  • Tables & chairs
  • digital projector*
  • screen / display surface
  • pencils*
  • copy paper (8.5×11)*

*(If host cannot provide these items, please notify Marek ahead of time & he can bring them.)

Marek will bring pens, markers, art tools, & art samples.
To order your own, see TOOLS & MATERIALS >> 


  • Display paper & easel or other display surface
  • Work tables arranged in a big U or some other shape so we can all see each other & show & discuss art samples, OR…
  • A circle area where we can leave our work space & gather to discuss art samples (on paper or projected)
  • Clip boards (in case of over-attendance)

Contact Marek with any questions about materials & equipment.

Each participant creates 1+ pages of original comics artwork.

Examples of Marek’s Comics Ethnography Work:


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