“SETTING+ACTION+RESULT” Demo: The Intolerable Acts

Here’s a demo project I’m working on as part of a residency @ the Well School (Peterborough, NH). I’ll update this post with each stage of the project, so you can follow along in the creative process.

(A big thanks to my students & co-creators for their feedback & help as we all make “Comics Timeline” pages about the American Revolution together!)


Here’s a basic 3-panel page template I’ve used since the very first Comics Camp I ever taught!:

Full-Page (3 panel) Setting+Action+Result

See this template in action, using the F.A.S.T. toolbox: Drawing “Hospital Cat”! >>

RESEARCH: “The Intolerable Acts”

According to the COMICS TIMELINE project, each artist in our class group chooses a topic from the Amercian Revolution to research & draw in comics form.

My topic is “The Intolerable Acts,” which — I must admit — I’ve forgotten all about since the last time I read about the Revolution!

To start, I’ll gather some basic info @ this Wikipedia entry >>

^ This is NOT a picture of the “Intolerable Acts”… But it DOES provide some good info about clothing, technology, etc.!

(Click on any of the images below to view @ full size in a separate tab.)


First I’ll set up a basic 3-panel S+A+R page:

Next, based on my quick research (above), I’ll select a SETTING (with actions in it), an ACTION (in a new setting), and a RESULT of that action.

Without taking any time to CARTOON these ideas, I’ll just block it out in my panels:


Now I’ll rough in the basic shapes of Parliament & the colonists:

Hmmm, I think the colonists will all have those 3-corner hats… But what about Parliament? (Time to look for some paintings or drawings from the time!)

(EXTENSION: If I have time, I might do another page that shows the specific EFFECTS of the Intolerable Acts…)

ALSO, now I’m looking for READER FEEDBACK before I can ink my work… Please feel free to comment.

  • What do you notice?
  • What’s confusing (or unclear or missing)?
  • What decisions do you think the artist made, and why?

WORK IN PROGRESS ~ More to come! Stay ‘tooned…

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