How to Unfold Your Mirror Doodle

Here’s how I use a mirror (or two) to discover new worlds in tiny doodles:

First Step: DOODLE!

Start in the corners, or along the edges, or right in the center of the page. Make sure at least part of your doodle reaches the edge of the paper:

Once you run out of time or space, your doodle is done! Now it’s time to unfold it…


Unfolding you mirror doodle with 1 (or 2) desktop mirrors is simple & fun!

With 1 mirror:

If you hold a small mirror up to the side of your doodle, you will get a peek at a wider “unfolded” world of surprising symmetries & designs:

You can try “unfolding” from all sides of the same doodle to find new surprises:

PRO TIP: You can use this “mirror check” at any point in the doodling process, to get ideas & see how the finished artwork might look.

With 2 mirrors:

To unfold your doodle in all directions, hold the doodle AND mirror #1 (together) up to a second mirror, like so:

Again, you can unfold from ALL sides of the doodle — Which version is your favorite?

This work is PATRON-POWERED!


I use GIMP image editing freeware to “unfold” my favorite doodles digitally. Here’s how:

Take a clear snapshot (or scan) of your doodle:

Our sample artwork for this demo was doodled by Jen Morris @ our March 2022 “DRAWING TOGETHER” event!

Import your image into GIMP & SELECT the artwork (w/ rectangular marquee tool):

CROP to selection:

Adjust BRIGHTNESS-CONTRAST as desired:

SELECT ALL & COPY to clipboard:

Create NEW image (same dimensions):

SCALE the new image by DOUBLING width & height:

PASTE artwork as a NEW LAYER, & move it into a corner:

FLIP entire image horizontally:

PASTE artwork again as a NEW LAYER & move it into a corner:

MERGE the pasted artwork into a single layer:

SELECT ALL and COPY that layer:

FLIP the entire image vertically:

PASTE the artwork again, & slide it into place:

FLATTEN all layers & save the image:

ROTATE and/or CROP the final image as desired:

Thanks to Jen Morris for the use of this cool demo doodle!


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