Let’s Draw MONSTERS! (LEVELS 1-5)

This video demonstrates some basic monsterological terms & designs, from simple LEVEL 1 furballs to more complex (and dangerous?!) LEVEL 5 horrible howlers & qudruped creepers! Design your own monsters & see what happens… (COMICS WORKSHOP is not responsible for artwork that devours itself.)


“DAILY MONSTER” Printable Worksheet @ Patreon = Practice doodling monsters (levels 1-5)! Available for patrons in GIF or PDF formats.

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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  1. That was fun to do with my little sis she loved it and she wants more activity’s can there be more for me and her to do she loved that monster one but if you can maybe a dolphin or a bowl or Mac and cheese would be nice 👍🏻

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