Work In Progress: Freeman Colby Vol. 2 (1863)

Hey folks, I’m excited to share a new comics project I’m working on:

  • WORKING TITLE: The Civil War Adventures of Freeman Colby, VOLUME 2
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  • DESCRIPTION: This historical graphic novel details the continuing adventures of a young school teacher from NH who enlists in the Union Army during the Civil War.  The events of the story are all based on actual letters Freeman Colby wrote home about his experiences, plus several other period primary sources documenting the experiences of the 39th Massachusetts Volunteers.
  • PRE-ORDERS: To pre-order a copy, please support the Patreon page at the “graphic novel” level.  Other pre-order options will appear on this site as the book nears completion.

Primary Sources & More:

Freeman Colby Vol. 2 combines several period source texts to reconstruct a sense of Freeman Colby’s Civil War adventures.  Colby’s original diary fragment ends in April 1863 (see Volume 1), so I’m basing this account on his wartime letters and various documented firsthand accounts of his comrades in the 39th Massachusetts Volunteers, the people they met, and people who were in similar situations.  That means I can include everything Colby felt was important to record in writing at the time, PLUS I can go beyond all that to portray additional topics and issues surrounding Union forces in the South at the height of the Civil War.

Here are some of the source texts I’m using for this project:

And of course throughout the project, I make extensive use of primary visual sources (drawings, prints, paintings, photographs, &c.) available at the US Library of Congress & elsewhere:

Sample Pages:

For complete sample pages and notes: visit my PATREON page >>

↑ On picket duty in Virginia …


The previous volume in this series, The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby (Comics Workshop, 2016), was selected as a 2017 “Great Graphic Novel for Teens” by the YALSA.  MORE INFO >>

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