A monstrous THANK YOU to all the libraries, camps, and other program HOSTS and participating ARTISTS who helped make summer 2017 such a fun, productive season!  Our theme this year was “BUILD A WORLD” Comics Workshop and that’s just what participants of all ages did in 20+ communities around New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts…

USEFUL LINKS for post-event work:

    Here’s the “BUILD YOUR OWN 8-PAGE MINI” instructional comic:
  • …and here’s the video version:
  • View the ongoing “BUILD A WORLD” speed-drawing video series, based on some of our summer 2017 creations:


  • In July, young historians at Sandwich Historical Society drew comics featuring the adventures of Sandwich, NH’s own Civil War volunteer, Lewis Quimby Smith — keep an eye on www.LiveFreeAndDraw.com this fall for new episodes featuring their artwork!
  • Librarian Amy from Canaan, NH colored this event poster for us: 
  • CURRIER COMICS CAMP artist Tad colored this monster portrait (art by Marek):

Watch the COMICS CALENDAR for all our upcoming fall & winter events, and stay tuned for more comics & features based on our summertime world-building workshops!

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