La Hermandad: Mirando el Futuro / Looking at the Future

Here’s another project we’ve been working on at La Hermandad Coffee Camp:

DSCF7529+ (800x625)

Students are planning out their dreams for the future, and then drawing comics about HOW they plan to realize those dreams, and WHAT they’ll do with them!

Take a look:

Futuro-Aquiles-BW (800x640)
Futuro-Lucia-BW (800x615)
Futuro-Sara-Hi (800x627)
Futuro-Sebastian-Hi (800x616)
Futuro-Silvia-BW (800x634)

Seeing these children draw out their dreams has been a powerful experience for me as an artist and teacher — It’s central to several parts of our project, including Planting Hope‘s mission of education and cultural exchange, and Henniker-San Ramón‘s coffee project, which facilitates this kind of artwork & educational opportunities.

DSCF7486+ (800x450)
DSCF7481+ (800x450)
DSCF7439+ (450x800)

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  1. Reblogged this on Comics Workshop and commented:

    Children of coffee laborers at La Hermandad coffee plantation (San Ramon, Nicaragua) ask (and draw) the powerful question, “What do I want to be in the future?”

  2. Marek,
    Amazing project! I enjoyed seeing the work of young artist. This is an awesome way to get kids thinking about the future. It is crucial to get kids thinking about their goals and aspirations and more importantly (as you emphasized) how they will get there.

    I love the idea of using comics to inspire students to sequentially convey their plans and these little ones were hard at work creating. I cannot read every single word that is written (and therefore would not be the best translator) but the first image inspires me; the word bubble says “I am a little girl and I want to be a teacher.” I hope to use a similar project with my future students.

    Thank you for sharing,

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