La Hermandad: How We Produce Coffee

by the students at La Hermandad Coffee Camp

Here, my students would like to give you a basic overview of the various stages of coffee production on the semi-organic plantation where their parents work as harvesters:

Cafe-01-Sara-BW (643x800)

TRANSLATE THIS!  Please help our project by adding your English language translation in the COMMENTS section or via our CONTACT page.

Cafe-02-Esther-BW (652x800)
Cafe-03-Isamara-BW (638x800)
Cafe-04-Sugeli-BW (657x800)
Cafe-05-Marvin-BW (639x800)
Cafe-06-Sebastian-BW (800x632)

These kids have packed in a lot of details about how their plantation works.  Thanks to Planting Hope and Green Mountain Coffee for making this project possible!

cafe-DSCF7433+ (450x800)
cafe-DSCF7438+ (800x522)
cafe-DSCF7445+ (800x450)
DSCF7046 (800x450)-www_MarekBennett_com

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