Ocalca Coffee Camp Visit

Fotos from a recent Coffee Camp at Ocalca village:

Students prepared dance presentations to welcome our visiting friends from the Planting Hope “Big Picture” brigade, including traditional Nicaragua folk dances in costume:

DSCF7237+ (800x450)-Ocalca1-www_MarekBennett_com DSCF7240+ (800x450)-Ocalca1-www_MarekBennett_com DSCF7247 (800x450)-Ocalca1-www_MarekBennett_com DSCF7262+ (800x450)-Ocalca1-www_MarekBennett_com 

Then we drew comics pages to introduce ourselves & our families to each other:

DSCF7280+ (450x800)-Ocalca1-www_MarekBennett_com DSCF7282+ (800x450)-Ocalca1-www_MarekBennett_com DSCF7285+ (800x562)-Ocalca1-www_MarekBennett_com DSCF7287+ (800x450)-Ocalca1-www_MarekBennett_com

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Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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