Nica History: Rafaela Herrera

I’m posting some Nicaraguan history displays from the walls of public school classrooms (and other places), as examples of the amazing graphic novels hidden inside standard essay paragraphs by educational institutions around the world… But who will draw them?

We have, of course, met Rafaela Herrera before in a couple contexts; this setting adds some depth to her role as national hero:

DSCF3449 (815x1024) DSCF3448 (1024x740)

If you would like to help translate this into English (or another language), please add your translation in the COMMENTS section below or via the CONTACT page

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  1. Rafaela Herrera is a Nicaraguan heroin who defended with a canyon her people from the English pirates. In the 15th century Spaniards came to Nicaragua to colonize our people and robbed our treasures. Pirates attacked Spaniard ships when leaving Nicaragua. Rafaela avoided pirates came in Nicaragua. Some thinks Rafaela defended Spain interests not Nicaragua

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