Here’s my interpretation of Tino Lopez Guerra’s “Nicaragua Mia”:
Nicaragua-Mia-01 Nicaragua-Mia-02 Nicaragua-Mia-03 Nicaragua-Mia-04_www-MarekBennett-comAs sung to us by COMICS WORKSHOP students in San Ramon

In my experience, songs & poems provide powerful glimpses into any history & culture.  In this case, I imagine I will probably want to redraw this song once I’m at work with students in the Nicaragua countryside — and even more than that, I’ll want to see what kind of STUDENT ARTWORK the song inspires — but for now, the lyrics can help me develop a certain understanding of Nicaragua & its people.


We’ve come across Rafaela Herrera before… (see p. 179 of NICARAGUA COMICS TRAVEL JOURNAL):


… and of course we’re gathering Dario‘s immense creative work to share at the POETRY page!

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