A quick focus activity, using the most basic comics format…


Set up a page with 2 same-size panels (either side by side, or stacked vertically).

For the sake of clarity, you may want to number your panels (1 & 2).

EXAMPLES BELOW: Autobio | Historical | Before & After


  • PANEL 1: “THEN”
    = Show a memory from an earlier part of your life.
  • PANEL 2: “NOW”
    = Show a more recent scene. (How has an idea changed / evolved / stayed the same…?)

This can be a useful format for quick reflective diary comics…


Show 2 key scenes from a historical topic or process. Label each panel with a date and/or location.

Works well for:

  • biographies
  • narrative history
  • major events & changes
  • primary source quotes, &c.


Label the entire page with a title (and/or a date & place).

  • PANEL 1 = Show a scene from BEFORE the title event/date.
  • PANEL 2 = Show a scene from AFTER the title event/date.

Works well for: cause & effect, reactions, political cartoons, &c.

EXTENSION: Would your comic work better with a middle panel, showing the actual title event/date? Try a 3-PANEL PAGE >> or a 3-PANEL COMIC STRIP >>


This work is PATRON-POWERED!

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