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Drawing Elie Wiesel’s NIGHT:

18 October 2021: Page 1 / Page 0 / Inking


Selecting source text:

Thumbnailing some vague ideas:

Putting a margin (a.k.a. “frame” or “safety zone”) around a blank page:

Dividing the page up into panels:
(In this case, 2×3; Your page may look very different from this!)

Roughing out some positions for characters in our dialogue… (We can combine our middle 2 panels combine into 1!):

Filling in dialogue (from our source text), test-reading the sequence & pacing:

Adding more details, plus minimal setting details (a crowd around them):

PAGE 0 (Set-Up Page):

Roughing out a 2-panel page (to set up the above page):

Adding some words & actions from the source text:

Adding some details for effect (shouting = louder, sorting = more “commotion”!):

Our 2 pages together:

Next up:

  • Conference: Ask another artist (or teacher) to read it back OUT LOUD. Listen closely!
  • ALSO: You may want to check in w/ other artists drawing passages just before & just after yours. How do you want these pages to flow together (if at all)? How can you coordinate details so the class’s comics all read smoothly & clearly?
  • Make any needed edits.
  • Ink your final pages w/ black inking pen.
  • Put everyone’s pages together & read…

Inking the Pages:

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