Conway Elementary School

Notes & links for COMICS WORKSHOP @ CES (May 2021)

JUMP TO: 19 May | 26 May | 3 June

DAY 1:



SURPRISE YOURSELF: Cartooning in different styles!

Blank 4-panel page setup:


Hmmm… Maybe this is the cover design for a new series?:


Blob characters with F.A.S.T. tools:

Penciled 4-panel blank page:

Inked 4-panel template (w/ gutters):

That page, shrunk (50%) & rearranged.


Blob characters with F.A.S.T. tools:

Penciled 3-panel “S-A-R” page:

Title page suggestions:

  1. Space for title & author(s)
  2. Catch the reader’s eye
  3. Give some info
  4. Leave reader with questions/curiosity

DAY 2:

Making 8-page 1-SHEET minis: What do we want to do in the coming year? How will we make it happen? Draw the story…

How to fold a BLANK 1-Sheet Mini:

Drawing a 1-SHEET:

How to fold a PRINTED 1-Sheet Mini:

Reading links:

COVID Chronicles: A Comics Anthology

Cartoonists drawing life during COVID.

DAY 3:

ANIMAL PORTRAITS: Cartooning ourselves as ANIMALS doing ACTIONS…

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