MathematiComics Workshop

New in 2014 ~ For schools, libraries, museums, &c.!

Mixing equal parts comics creation and recreational math, this fun-centered workshop uses basic cartooning & comics storytelling techniques to explore some surprising aspects of mathematics.  Create original comics stories based on mind-bending paradoxes, the surprising behaviors of numbers, and the unlikely powers of patterns, shapes, and logic…  (No comics or math experience necessary!)

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For examples of Marek’s math comics work, see:
MathematiComics >>

Or check out these episodes…:

Math=Art-01-DETAIL-www_MarekBennett_com 2x2=5_DETAIL2 flower-01-DETAIL-www_MarekBennett_com PythagorasTree-00-DETAIL Escher-ApproachesToInfinity-02-DETAIL

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