Comics in Medicine


(Resource page in progress for comics related to medicine & mental health…)

Suggest GRAPHIC MEDICINE resources >>

  • Better, Drawn
     = “Comics drawn by people with experience of living with long-term mental and physical illnesses.”


  • Comic Nurse
    = MK Czerwiec, a.k.a. “Comic Nurse” / Artist in Residence, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

  • Graphic Medicine

    + including the 2014 Conference


  • MetroKitty
    = Cathy’s going back to school for medical communications…
  • www_NinaBurrowes_com
    = “The Cartooning Psychologist”


  • POLITE DISSENT = “Comics, Medicine, Television, & Fun”

  • RHiME
    = “Research & Humanities in Medical Education” = Soliciting submissions (including graphic medicine formats)

Articles &c.

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