Pre-Columbian MesoAmerican Comics: The Maya


This is a page-in-progress for resources on Mayan codices & graphic narrative art.

Mayan Writing:

Maya Codices:

More Supporting Texts:

Studying Mesoamerica? Don’t forget the Aztec!:

  •  Aztec Overview on FAMSI
  • Early Aztec writing systems (compared to Mayan):
    “Apparently the development of phonetic writing was not as crucial to the evolution of civilization in Mesoamerica as it had been in other parts of the world. Indeed pictographic communication and narrative art can be remarkably effective in facilitating information exchange, especially at the “international” level. This observation is nowhere more evident than in our own contemporaneous revolution in communication through the development of symbologies in film, television, computer language, and advertising – a situation intensified by extreme factional competition among nations for control of the international market place.”
    Comics in Mexico (wikipedia) >>

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