Titles & links related to Manga (& other comics forms) in Japanese culture & history*:

*(Actually, this page is mostly just a list of manga that I’ve read & liked & used in my teaching.)

Favorite Titles:

A Drifting Life (Tatsumi)

Barefoot Gen (Nakazawa)

Hiroshima, as told by a survivor…

Buddha (Tezuka)


Showa series = Mizuki’s autobio manga history of modern Japan:

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (Miyazaki)


“Manga”on Wikipedia, including major styles…

“A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Manga”

Manga Techniques from

Historical Connections

“Japanese painting” on wikipedia

Ukiyo-e = “floating world” woodblock prints MIT Collection: Western Industry Russo-Japanese War Perry: Encounters  Perry: Demon Ships  Perry: Portraits Perry: The Black Ship Scroll ~

Kibyoshi= 18th-century Japanese storybooks, a.k.a. “Yellow-Covers” [on wikipedia]

Santo Kyoden (1761-1816) ~ Sample books @ Archive.OrgKibyoshi jusshuMukashi gatari inazuma hyoshi

Kamishibai = 12th-20th century sequential storytelling, or “storycard theatre” [Kamishibai history]

Samurai = Pre-industrial Japanese warrior class

“Fart-War” (c. 1700?) = Sigh…. Well, you’d probably find out about this sooner or later.

Scholarly Articles & Review Sites

Manga (& Japanese Culture) in the News

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