“Healing from Trauma”

Here’s a quote from Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam, relating to the role of narrative & community in the healing process:



“Healing from trauma depends upon communalization of the trauma…” — Jonathan Shay, Achilles in Vietnam (1994, p.4)



3 thoughts on ““Healing from Trauma”

  1. Very timely reflection. I’m just reading Phil Klay’s Redeployment which deals with trauma from Irag and Afghanistan. Is there ever a way to get young men to pay attention to the horrors of war?

    • Actually, Shay’s book addresses the importance of the rest of society paying attention to the trauma those young men know all too deeply…

      • YES!!!!!!! I have personally endured PTSD of a different cause and know first hand that it MUST be understood and thank GOD for its’ increased awareness!!

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