The above page from the Applied Cartooning Manifesto was inspired by a quote in this book:

“If art is about self, the widely accepted corollary is that making art isabout self-expression.  And it is — but that is not necessarily all it is.  It may only be a passing feature of our times that validating the sense of who-you-are is held up as the major source of the need to make art.  What gets lost in that interpretation is an older sense that art is something you do out in the world, or something you do about the world, or even something you do for the world.  The need to make art may not stem solely from the need to express who you are, but from a need to complete a relationship with something outside yourself.  As a maker of art you are custodian of issues larger that self.”

— Bayles & Orland: Art & Fear, p.108 (emphasis added)

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