First Glimpse of the Sea

A few fotos from our recent annual Coffee Camp field trip to Leon & the Pacific coast at Poneloya:

We’re all up by 4AM to prepare the food, buses, kids, and families for the big trip; here’s the Planting Hope BiblioMovil and the other bus we hired to carry our 80+ pilgrims:

+DSCF7696 (800x450)

By mid-morning, we’re passing through the giant western volcano fields, and a thrill passes through the packed BiblioMovil as the kids scan for smoke and fire atop the enormous peaks:

+DSCF7697 (800x450)  Here we are disembarking in the crowded streets of the colonial city, Leon:

+DSCF7703 (800x450)

Confronting the carved lion atop the tomb of national poet Ruben Dario in the 18th-century cathedral: +DSCF7734 (800x450) Heading out to stroll the avenidas:

+DSCF7743 (800x450)

+DSCF7794 (450x800)  Then a different kind of thrill builds as we approach the ocean, which many of these mountain village students have never seen before:+DSCF7797 (800x450)  We all stood transfixed by the view of the Pacific; seeing the continent END so abruptly really impressed the students (consider the region they come from, where the mountains go on forever!):+DSCF7817 (800x448) +DSCF7823 (800x450) +DSCF7857 (800x450) +DSCF7860 (800x450)

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  1. You’re doing a splendid job of keeping us “along for the ride” in your Nica travels and adventures. Marcos. Muchas Gracias ! JAck

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