“Un Millón de Amigos” (Comics Version)

Here’s our comics version of Roberto Carlos’s “Un Millón de Amigos”, drawn by students at La Hermandad coffee camp with their partners in the Planting Hope 2014 “Big Picture” brigade:

DSCF7171 (800x633)
DSCF7172 (800x637)
DSCF7173 (800x637)
DSCF7174 (800x639)
DSCF7175 (800x626)
DSCF7176 (800x633)
DSCF7177 (800x639)
DSCF7178 (800x642)


MORE VERSES from our Ocalca Camp >>

This music+comics project provided an exciting way for kids & adults to get to know each other despite their different languages and cultures.

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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