KNEE-DEEP_cover-02-SMALL(5.5″x4.25″ ~ 28 pages ~ b&w)
I drew this mini during 24 Hour Comics Day 2010 at the Montpelier Public Library.  It was definitely the most fun 24hc I’ve ever drawn.  The first 14 pages advance the ongoing SEEDS storyline begun in Mimi’s Doughnuts Zine #17, showing the woodchuck family returning from a day at the market with an unexpected guest.  The rest of the book degenerates into a wordless wicked monster foodchain fight story featuring the first ever appearance of Hammer Man!

$2.50 (+ $0.50 shipping) [OUT OF PRINT]

Super-Value 5-Pack: Share the magic of Cyclops Vomit with your friends! 5 copies!  $10 (+$0.75 shipping)  [OUT OF PRINT]



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