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The new “Inter-Oceanic” canal will be the biggest infrastructure project in Central American history — but how will it affect the people and ecosystems of the region and the world?


“It’s like this…”

Who knows what will this project look like in the end… but here are a couple of Marek’s previous long-form travel comics journal projects:

C+D+K book 01 DRAFT-04-SMALL

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  1. A thought on the effect on splitting communities by ‘things’ such as rivers, canals, and roads: New Jersey Turnpike split families and communities. Communities like Thetford, VT and Lyme, NH were split and families separated when the covered bridge (in the 1890’s?) was washed away in flooding and never replaced. Economies were changed there too, as the local post office in North Thetford was used by the Lyme town’s folk, and people from VT would shop at the Lyme village store. Families lived across the river from one another as it was just a bridge that separated them, until the bridge was washed away. Then they had to travel up to either Fairlee/Orford, or down to Hanover/Norwich to cross the river.

    Will this canal do similar things I wonder?

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