“The Most Costly Journey” (El viaje más caro) Press Kit

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KICKSTARTER (9 Oct – 9 Nov 2020)

BOOK INFO (October Draft):

Outside Font Cover.

(COVER ARTWORK BY Tillie Walden / Iona Fox / Michael Tonn / Marek Bennett)

The Most Costly Journey:
Stories of Migrant Farmworkers in Vermont, Drawn by New England Cartoonists

~250 pages / PAPERBACK / DIGEST (5.5″x8.5″) / B&W interior + Color Cover

FEATURING: Stories of 20+ migrant storytellers / Artwork by 15 artists / Foreword by Julia Alvarez / Preface by Julia Doucet / Introduction by Stephen R. Bissette / Afterword by Andy Kolovos & Teresa Mares

KICKSTARTING: 9 Oct – 9 Nov 2020
PRINTING: December 2020
SHIPPING: January-February 2021

ISBN: _____________

PROJECT ARCHIVE: www.vermontfolklifecenter.org/elviajemascaro


Download PDF >>

“Dairy Workers’ Stories Become Graphic Novel”
22 October 2020 / Middlebury, VT

The Open Door Clinic of Middlebury, Vermont announces The Most Costly Journey, a new non-fiction graphic novel detailing the real-life experiences of migrant workers on Vermont dairy farms. The book collects the stories of over 20 different migrant storytellers, as drawn by 15 different cartoonists. / “We hope that these stories can serve as windows into lives that are often lived in the shadows, unnoticed,” says project founder Julia Doucet, a nurse at the Open Door Clinic. …


“The Most Costly Journey” shares the deeply personal stories of immigrants who leave their homes & families and come to the US to find work in the New England dairy industry. These are the human stories that underlie the US economy & food production system, & touch communities in many countries…

Complete list of artists (in order of appearance): Tillie Walden / Marek Bennett / Kevin Kite / Iona Fox / Kane Lynch / Stephanie Zuppo / John Carvajal / Michael Tonn / Angela Boyle / Rick Veitch / Glynnis Fawkes / Greg Giordano / Ezra Veitch / Shashwat Mishra / Michelle Sayles


“This rich and inspiring project is doing the work of oral history, narrative medicine, ethnography, and graphic medicine…” ~ M.K. Czerwiec (GraphicMedicine.org)

“”By calling attention to the mental health needs of Latin American workers on Vermont dairy farms, [The Most Costly Journey] exposes the suffering born of secrecy, and the unnecessary pain cultivated by the cruelty of our current immigration system. These comics open a doorway to healing for these economic migrants—and bring their experiences to light for all Americans in search of compassionate solutions to our immigration crisis.” ~ Andrew Aydin (March)


Front cover image (October draft).

(Artwork by Tillie Walden / Iona Fox / Michael Tonn / Marek Bennett)

Kickstarter logo image.

(Artwork by Tillie Walden / Iona Fox / Michelle Sayles / Michael Tonn / Rick Veitch / Marek Bennett / Glynnis Fawkes)

Title image.

Wide title image.

Square title image:

Square title images

Square title image (DEMO):

Kickstarter book + pages

(Pages by Tillie Walden / Glynnis Fawkes / John Carvajal / Michelle Sayles)

Sample Pages.

(Pages by Marek Bennett / Iona Fox / Michael Tonn)

Sample Pages.

(Pages by Rick Veitch / Kevin Kite / Stephanie Zuppo)

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