PSU-EN-1400.29 Comics Composition

PSU / EN-1400.29 Freshman Composition
Special Topic: Comics Composition

Humans have been telling stories with pictures for millennia — in cave art, ancient monuments, tapestries, paintings, scrolls, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, and more.  This hybrid course explores the history and future of cartooning and sequential graphic narratives through weekly studio sessions and online activities, including research, reflection, and regular deadlines for original comics based on our studies.  Whether you’re a seasoned cartoonist or a curious newcomer to the field, this course will challenge you to make new connections in this most ancient modern art form.  See COURSE MOODLE for full description.


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WEEK 1 = 27 August 2018
FINAL CLASS = 14 December 2018
See COURSE MOODLE for updated sequence.
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