Comics Camp 2020 / Week 11

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WEEK 11: August Grab-Bag (Continued Again!) // This week is the first in a long while without one of our public library events… (Phew! It’s been a busy summer.) So let’s catch up on our various projects, look at scanning & processing new pages, & make some progress on “building” longer books. (In between all that, we’ll keep doodling, of course!)



Penciling a fantasy landscape…

11.2 Wednesday Live-Draw

Inking some poster artwork from Freeman Colby Vol. 3:

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11.3 Scanning Session

Now let’s get our inked artwork into digital format:

Pages from Freeman Colby Vol. 3:

11.4 Book-Building Session

PRINTABLE: “Who Is Jeremiah Crocker? #1”

11.5 Friday Live-Draw

Now let’s put some color into the new Freeman Colby poster! I’m using colored pencils & crayons.

Step-by-step & source links @ Patreon >>

We’ll complete this coloring job in WEEK 12.
For the full process, see:
“Coloring Freeman Colby’s Wilderness” >>

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