Comics Camp 2020

Comics Camp 2020 is ONLINE!

This summer’s gonna be one big drawing party!
Join in when you want, pay what you can…

Pay what you can per month.
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Summer 2020 ~ All-Ages Online COMICS CAMP

This is shaping up to be our busiest COMICS CAMP summer ever, with lots of new projects going on — including YOURS! Join us whenever you want, work at your own pace, & pay what you can… I’m looking forward to drawing with you!

COMICS CAMP Activities (June-August):

(Specific features & schedules may change a bit as the season approaches.)


Weekly interactive lessons to intro skills & activities for the week via live video (probably Sunday-Monday, schedule TBD). Participate live, and/or view the archived videos on your own schedule.


Get access to Marek’s growing playlist of cartooning/self-publishing tutorials. You can use these brief, fun lessons as needed, to review topics & build new skillz…


Get all the reminders & links for additional public LIVE EVENTS — mostly weekly, sometimes daily. These Summer Reading Programs help artists share ideas & inspiration all summer long…


Get positive artist-to-artist project feedback & planning help from Marek (& other artists). Share your artwork in our Comics Camp ARTIST GALLERY. Keep drawing all summer long with support of the entire COMICS CAMP community…


← ALSO: COMICS CAMPERS get a front-row seat for Marek’s current graphic novel project, The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby VOL. 3. [Freeman Colby series info]

To get started today:

COMICS CAMP (& Marek’s Patreon) is an all-ages inclusive workshop environment. If you are under 18, please register & participate via a parent/guardian’s account.


This outline may change a bit as summer approaches… We’ll definitely make some adjustments when we see what everybody’s working on in camp! ~ M

Cartooning 101

Start the summer with a sampling of cartooning styles, plus basic self-publishing skills you can use all season.

  • Week of 7 June: Blobs, Panels, & Stories…
  • 14 June: Eyeballs Vs. Stick Figures!
  • 21 June: Rabbits Vs. Monsters!
  • 28 June: Mini-Comics 101

JUNE PRINTABLE PACK: Poster + new minis + other surprises…

Imagine OUR Story…

July is all about drawing stories (& story ideas) from the world around us — from auto-bio to fiction & fantasy, w/ updates on Marek’s latest graphic novel projects!

  • 5 July: Diary Comics
  • 12 July: Fantasy & History
    * ALSO: Currier Comics Camp = M-F daily (Separate registration TBA)
  • 19 July: Family Stories
  • 26 July: Songs, Poems, & Forgotten Letters
    * ALSO: Tillotson Center Comics Camp = M-Th daily (Separate registration TBA)

JULY PRINTABLE PACK: New artwork + Freeman Colby Vol. 3 specials!

Graphic Novel Month!

To finish the summer, we’ll look at ways to produce, publish, & share our work, including setting goals & managing your own project (daily strip, mini-comic, graphic novella, etc.).

  • 2 August: Self-publishing overview
  • 9 August: Mini-Comics Intensive
  • 16 August: Digital Skillz (scanning, format, layout…)
  • 23 August: Graphic novels, print-on-demand, etc.

(End-of-Summer Publishing Party = T.B.A.!)

AUGUST PRINTABLE PACK: Poster + minis + Comics Camp 2020 Anthology?? (TBA)


(Q) But what will we DO at Comics Camp?

We’ll do lots of demos & answer all your comics questions, plus we have a few structured activities you can try — but mostly, you can use our lesson time & your own independent work time to MAKE ORIGINAL COMICS featuring the stories that only YOU can tell!

You can work when & how you like — & get any feedback you need from Marek & your fellow campers.

(Q) What kinds of comics are we talking about here?

ALL kinds of comics — whatever you’re most excited to dream up & work on! Here’s an example of one of Marek’s demo projects:

(Don’t worry, we’ll go a much slower during our lessons… This video shows my hands drawing @ 12x speed!!)

(Q) What kinds of tools & art supplies will I need?

You can join the lessons with any kind of paper, pencil, & black-ink pen. Everything else is optional! See TOOLS & MATERIALS for more info >>

(Q) What have past COMICS CAMPS been like?

To get a sense of COMICS CAMP’s collaborative, creative group spirit (& awesome output), check out this post from COMICS CAMP @ the Currier Art Center, Summer 2019!
(Also, 2018 = here!)

Yes, Greta might make an appearance this summer, too...

We’re looking forward to drawing with you all summer long!

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