QUASAR BLASTERS is the daily newspaper comic strip I drew for the Brown Daily Herald (Providence, RI) in the 1990s.  It was the first serious long-term comics project I ever took on, and I learned SOOOOO MUCH over three years of daily deadlines, tiny panels, & non-stop cartooning…

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FIRST EPISODES (by season):

SEASON 1: Escape from Earth

“The adventure begins!”

SEASON 2: Descent to Rica

“In the middle of the Lac-Phi civil war, Jules heads down to the surface in search of a job.”

SEASON 3: Downtime

“Sylvie and Chester try to keep out of trouble in Orbit Station Lancer, but they’re in for a big surprise….”

SEASON 4: Sylvie’s Gambit

“As the Federal Galactic Navy closes in, Sylvie makes a last-ditch attempt to save the orbit station.”

SEASON 5: Desperate Times

“Chester wakes up in the brig of Orbit Station Lancer, prisoner of Captain Reeves! Meanwhile, down on planet Rica, Jules and Sylvie look for a lift….and find danger at every turn.”

SEASON 6: Endgame

“The explosive grand finale! Jules & Sylvie desperately try to reach Chester, but their violent past is catching up with them…”

“DRAWING QB” = Comics about making the strips.

QB in the Brown Daily Herald Archives:

The Brown University Library has kindly archived every issue of the BDH that featured Quasar Blasters…


The OLD (Original) Quasar Blasters Website!

Interstellar galactic adventure awaits! “Click” below to enter… if you dare:

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