NICA-2014: Poems & Songs



“Un Millón de Amigos” (video) - Here’s a video of “Un Millón de Amigos”, performed (and drawn) by my Coffee Camp students at La Hermandad:
A Roosevelt / To Roosevelt (Dario, 1904) - "A ROOSEVELT" by Ruben Dario (1904) ~ First verse, translated into comics:
A Roosevelt / To Roosevelt 2 - "If you cry out, it sounds like the roar of a lion..."
A Roosevelt / To Roosevelt 3 - "The America in which noble Guatemoc said, 'I am not in a bed of roses'."
A Roosevelt / To Roosevelt 4 - "You would need to be, Roosevelt, GOD himself..." (PART 4 OF 4)
Ama tu ritmo / Love Your Rhythm (Dario) - A passionate Dario poem with a mathematical pulse ...
Augurios 1: Aguila / Omens 1: Eagle (Dario, 1905) - The first verse of Dario's 1905 "Augurios" ("Omens")...
Augurios 2: Buho / Omens 2: Owl (Dario, 1905) - "An owl passed / over my forehead..."
Augurios 3: Paloma / Omens 3: Dove (Dario, 1905) - "A dove passed / which almost grazed with its wings my lips..."
Augurios 4: Gerifalte / Omens 4: Falcon (Dario, 1905) - The bloodiest verse of Dario's 1905 "Augurios" ("Omens"):


Ernesto Cardenal

Ruben Dario

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