Escher’s “Approaches to Infinity”: There Must Be Stars - I take this passage in Escher's essay to be particularly appropriate for comics creators:
Museum Courtyard: Above & Below - It looks like we’ve learned our lesson from the last time we played on a three-dimensional staircase ...
Escher’s “Approaches to Infinity” Part 2: Music & Eternity - "to approach eternity by means of sounds"...?
Watch Your Step - Three-point perspective staircase distortion, drawn at Currier Art Museum ...
Escher Exhibit - Journal comic inspired by a recent visit to the Currier Museum's mind-bending exposition...
Staircase Encounter - (Drawn for "M.C. Escher: Reality and Illusion" at The Currier Museum.)
Hotel Infinity - "Up ahead in the distance, / I saw a shimmering light...":
From One Math to Another - Gosh it's nice to get home to NH.
Deferential Calculus - The most self-effacing of all maths.
Hotel Infinity: Quiet Hours - You don't always want to encounter infinity in a strange hotel ...
2×2=5 Talkin’ Blues Video - Finally, a video version of our earlier all-comics proof ...
Pythagorean Maxims #16-30 - More lifestyle advice from our brilliant & eccentric Ancient Greek mathematician ...
Patterns of Ideas (Hardy) - Quoting G. H. Hardy's 1940 essay, "A Mathematician's Apology"...
Mathematics is an Art (Lockhart) - One reader's notes to Paul Lockhart's thought-provoking "A Mathematician's Lament" ...
Pythagorean Maxims #1-15 - "Rules of the Good Life," according to one of Ancient Greece's most amazing mathematicians ...
100 Pounds of Apples - Here's a delicious puzzle with a counter-intuitive result, based on the "potato paradox":


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  1. Hi Marek, I love your math drawings! Do these drawings relax you or induce frustration? Or something in between?

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