2020 SUMMER READING PROGRAM (Aligns with CSLP 2020 themes)


Join NH teaching artist Marek Bennett’s COMICS WORKSHOP on a quest to create original comics that ONLY YOU can draw…

Using blank paper, pencils, ink, and four basic “storytelling elements,” we’ll find out what happens when lines, dots, and blobs turn into mysterious characters and magical worlds with surprising powers and secrets. We’ll also look at how artists and authors use peer feedback to improve their work and get it out to new readers, and ways to self-publish our work as photocopied hand-made “mini-comics.” Marek shares his own tips and tricks from 25 years of creating graphic novels, from his first sci-fi daily “Quasar Blasters” newspaper strips to his current “Freeman Colby” Civil War adventure series.

This program is based around active group drawing time, with participants each creating 1+ pages of original comics under Marek’s guidance. Longer formats can also include the creation of a group anthology mini-comic featuring 1+ pages of sample artwork for each artist, produced & published during the workshop for each participant to take home as a souvenir.

Marek’s popular interactive COMICS WORKSHOPS build literacy skills, hone powers of imagination, model complex project organization and self-publishing techniques, and help artists of all ages collaborate, appreciate, and support the work of their peers. Participants go home with the skills necessary to continue creating comics independently all summer long.

No experience required – everyone can draw comics! www.MarekBennett.com


In the meantime, see MarekBennett.com/POSTERS >>

What happens in a COMICS WORKSHOP?


Some general materials to help you prep!

SAMPLE FORMAT: The “1-Sheet” Mini-Comic

The “1-Sheet” mini-comics format creates a ready-to-draw (& read) 8-page mini-comic — No staples (or photocopying) required!


PROCESS DEMO: “Drawing an 8-Page Story”

Here’s a desktop overview of my creative process, from blank page to finished (to-be-continued?) mini-comic!

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