Applied Cartooning



Jose-Cover-01-B+W-QUARTER-LANDSCAPE-RGB-w=1000 Jose’s Journey: “Painful to Remember” - One immigrant's quest to find work and dignity in the United States.
VFC-Altar+Stories-www_MarekBennett_com Dia de los Muertos 2015 @ VT Folklife Center - Drawn during the annual Story Circle...
TeachingArtist-01-DETAIL-w=800-www_MarekBennett_com “Teaching Artist” Mini - Here's a mini-comic I drew in preparation for a recent panel discussion ("Getting Gigs & Making Work") at Plymouth State University...
2015-CommonCore-AnchorStandards+DeadDog-www_MarekBennett_com Common Core + Comics: How Doodling a Dead Dog Ballot Selfie Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Writing - Here's a look at how the COMMON CORE Anchor Standards factor into a recent comics feature:
SHAY-Healing-From-Trauma-DETAIL-www_MarekBennett_com “Healing from Trauma” - A powerful quote from Jonathan Shay's ACHILLES IN VIETNAM:
AC-EndOfWorld-03-RGB-DETAILb Happy New Year 2015 - Here's a hopeful card for you from COMICS WORKSHOP...
Bakhtin-COMMUNION-02-DETAIL-WWW_MarekBennett_COM Bakhtin: “Deepest Communion” - Drawn from a quote in the introduction to D. Soyini Madison's "Critical Ethnography"...
Mini-01-w=600-www_MarekBennett_com Build Your Own 8-page Mini - So you've drawn your 8-page comic (including covers & inside pages)... Now let's PUBLISH it!
LessonPlan-00-Cover-02-www_MarekBennett_com How to Draw Up a Lesson Plan - Mini-comic drawn to accompany a CCS Applied Cartooning seminar on teaching comics:
001_Manifesto “Applied Cartooning Manifesto” from CCS - Here's a mini comic I drew with James Sturm this Summer ...
ps-218-00 Resource: “Preventive Maintenance Monthly” @ VCU - "Will Eisner was already famous for his work on The Spirit when he was drafted for duty during World War II. While in the service, Eisner put his artistic talents to work in army publications, creating a character named Joe Dope ..."
ps-100-00-15576 Resource: “Government Comics” @ Digital Comics Museum - This collection focuses on comics produced by the US government...
Bert the turtle says duck and cover 01 __ Government Comics Resource: “Government Comics” @ UNL - "About this collection: The Government Comics Collection consists of comic books, posters, and comics-related reports and documents, produced by various world governments and agencies..."
CCS_AC_06-08-WhatIf-DETAIL What if … ? - "The need to make art may not stem solely from the need to express who you are, but from a need to complete a relationship with something outside yourself." -- David Bayles & Ted Orland


Some links to Applied Cartooning materials & projects:

NH_Constitution-Article_83-CROP-THUMBNAIL WEEKS-01-small-panel1 

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