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Comics Camp: “Make Your Own MICRO-LIBRARY”

28-31 Dec. 2020 / Daily @ 10am EST / Live-draws via Kimball-Jenkins School of Art (Facebook) / + extra sessions via Marek’s Patreon

Doodle up a pile of palm-sized micro-books on every topic imaginable… Then build a micro-library to keep ’em in!


Video/Tech: Campers must have access to a computer (w/ webcam) + internet connection.

Tools & Materials (or substitute similar materials you already have):

Time: Work whenever you can! Join the live events AND/OR access archived video.

Age Range: All ages welcome! Lessons & videos & public sharing will all be aimed at an elementary-middle school age range. Family members & friends are welcome to join.


(Q) But what will we DO at Comics Camp?

We’ll do lots of demos & answer all your comics questions, plus we have a few structured activities you can try — but mostly, you can use our lesson time & your own independent work time to MAKE ORIGINAL COMICS featuring the stories that only YOU can tell!

You can work when & how you like — & get any feedback you need from Marek & your fellow campers.

(Q) What kinds of comics are we talking about here?

ALL kinds of comics — whatever you’re most excited to dream up & work on! Here’s an example of one of Marek’s demo projects:

(Don’t worry, we’ll go a much slower during our lessons… This video shows my hands drawing @ 12x speed!!)

(Q) What kinds of tools & art supplies will I need?

You can join the lessons with any kind of paper, pencil, & black-ink pen. Everything else is optional! See TOOLS & MATERIALS for more info & ordering links

(Q) What have past COMICS CAMPS been like?

To get a sense of COMICS CAMP’s collaborative, creative group spirit (& awesome output), check out this post from COMICS CAMP @ the Currier Art Center, Summer 2019!
(Also, 2018 = here!)

Yes, Greta might make an appearance this summer, too...

To get started today:

COMICS CAMP (& Marek’s Patreon) is an all-ages inclusive workshop environment. If you are under 18, please register & participate via a parent/guardian’s account.

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