Comics Page Templates

Here’s a blank 3-panel comics page used in various COMICS WORKSHOP settings:


  • SOURCES = The artist can use this section to document sources used in researching the story.  This is especially important when doing comics based on history, science, literature, &c.
  • NOTES = This section can document edits, feedback, conferences, &c.
  • ARTIST CHECK = This checklist helps the artist move through the basic stages of comics production.

Here are two page layouts for printing & drawing basic comics pages:

4-panel-template-w=1225-WWW_MarekBennett_COM  3-panel-template-w=1225-WWW_MarekBennett_COM

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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  1. Thank you for all your free downloads on comics. I am a grade school teacher and have always told parents of my reluctant readers to have their child(ren) read comics because there is less print/page, but all other story elements are there to learn. This year I am moving up from teaching 2nd grade to teaching a 3/4 combo class. Implementing comics into my writing curriculum will help my reluctant writers as well. (This is also the theme of my classroom this year.)

    1. Great to know, Brenda. Much luck to you in your 3/4 classroom this year — that’s a real golden age for comics creation! ~ M

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