Multiple Intelligences & Comics Education


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[Originally appeared in the 2011 NECAC anthology]

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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  1. Has Howard Gardner seen this? I’ve gone over the Multiple Intelligence Theory many times in workshops but your visual images really make it stick. I can remember trying to remember them with just the linguistic presentation, verbal explanations.

    1. YES — Many explications of MI use WORDS and WORDS and yet more WORDS to describe inherently multidimensional multimedia concepts… Thus this comic! Share away! ~ M

      1. Hi there! Is there somewhere I can download the video you have posted on Youtube? The one that matches your learning styles illustrations. I’m trying to compile a beginners workshop on MI and really like how easy your video was to understand. Thanks!

      2. Angela ~
        The video you mention is something somebody else did — Actually, one of the reasons I draw comics is to help people step away from media technologies & interact directly with their own imaginations & communities. You might find that a dramatic reading of the comic in question (your voice, your style) can help your students access the material in their own way. Possibly they will have their own way to “perform” the comic, even! This interactive aspect of comics (between the artist & reader, between reader & audience, even reflectively between reader & self) underscores the MI thesis AND invites readers to participate more fully in the creative side of the artwork. (How would THEY fill all the boxes in the poster pages?)
        ~ M

  2. I know it’s been a year. But, if you talk about MI, why you present a comic rather than games? I mean, in my opinion game have all of those intelligence types including musical. I’m really curious about MI now. Nice comic btw 😀 .

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